Language Link CELTA Teacher Training department is returning to 181 Earl's Court Road, SW5 9RB, London from 2nd March 2015.

 The school is conveniently located directly opposite Earl's Court Road Station.

The 4 week full-time course will take place in Earl's Court.

The 12 week part-time course will continue to take place at 6 Duke's Road, WC1H 9AD, London.

All interviews, both for part-time and full-time CELTA  will be carried out in Earl's Court.

Over the past 16 years we have trained 3690 English language teachers who are now teaching all over the world and they often write or visit us to say how much they enjoyed the course here and how it gave them wonderful opportunities to progress in their careers. The Academic Director Marilyn McPherson and Administrator Christine Poklewski have been here from the start  aided by our trainers,giving trainees support and encouragement throughout the 4 week full time course and the 12 week part-time course.The most frequent comment from trainees is: "This has been the best and most enjoyable four weeks of study in my life."

Course information

The Cambridge ESOL CELTA certificate is recognised worldwide as an excellent initial qualification for teaching English ( Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework).  It assumes no previous teaching experience and is the minimum qualification needed for entry to the profession.  It is open to all native English speakers; candidates are expected to have a degree, but A Level English or equivalent may also be acceptable.  A good standard of written and spoken English is required.  Non-native speakers holding the Cambridge Proficiency Examination in English (CPE), IELTS 7.0 or equivalent are also eligible to apply.  The programme is open to all applicants aged 18+ at the start of the course.




Course Overview

The course presents a view of the principles underlying language teaching, and deals extensively with the analysis of English from the learners' perspective. Presentation of new language, activities to develop language skills, planning and effective use of resources, syllabus design and timetabling are all covered.

The course is divided into two closely interconnected parts. Input sessions covering language teaching methodology and language analysis are followed by daily Teaching Practice sessions, with feedback from course tutors and other trainee teachers. The course syllabus is designed to enable candidates to:

  • Develop an awareness of language and knowledge of the systems of English so that these can be applied in the Teaching Practice
  • Develop an understanding of the contexts in which adults learn English, their motivation for doing so, and the respective roles of the teacher and the learner
  • Develop familiarity with the principles and practice of effective teaching to adult learners of English
  • Develop a range of skills for teaching adults in the classroom
  • Develop familiarity with appropriate resources and materials for use with adult learners for teaching, testing, and for reference
  • Identify opportunities for their own future development as professionals in the field


You can download the full Cambridge ESOL CELTA syllabus here.


The CELTA course is very intensive in nature and outside the timetabled 120 hours candidates will also need to dedicate a further 100-120 hours in the evenings and at weekends in order to complete the required reading, research, written assignments and, especially, lesson preparation.

Study Formats


The course consists of 4 weeks of intensive study, Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 5.00 pm, for those who wish to gain their teaching qualification within a short period of time. 


The course lasts for 12 weeks and meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6.15 - 9.30pm, and on six Saturdays (10.00am - 4.30pm).  This course is intended for those who prefer an extended period of study or who wish to continue earning while they follow a course.
For both course formats additional study and lesson planning will be required at home.

Course Content & Structure (Full-time Course)

Morning sessions - input, covering topics related to teaching methodology, language analysis, lesson planning

  • English grammatical structures and their functions
  • Modern teaching methods
  • Teaching of pronunciation (phonology)
  • The teaching of lexis (vocabulary)
  • Error analysis and correction
  • Classroom resources and textbooks
  • A brief study of a foreign language

Afternoon sessions - practical teaching

  • Teaching practice in small groups on classes of volunteer foreign students
  • Feedback on teaching practice with tutor & colleagues
  • Supervised preparation of lessons
  • Observation of experienced teachers

The Part-Time Course content is the same but the structure is adapted to fit the different timetable.


There are 4 written assignments and 6 hours of assessed Teaching Practice

Lessons from the Classroom Assignment

A collation of what has been learned from teaching practice and observations

Skills Assignment

A focus on the receptive skills of reading and listening and the productive skills of speaking and writing

Focus on the Learner Assignment

A more detailed evaluation of one student's language abilities

Language Related Tasks Assignment

An analysis of language for teaching purposes

Teaching Practice

Six hours of assessed teaching practice - you will teach foreign learners and receive feedback from the course tutors. Assessment is continuous and regular feedback on progress will be given during the course.

Employment after the Course

We recruit over 200 teacher each year to fill posts in our London school and overseas locations. Posts are available throughout the year and Language Link gives priority placement to teachers who have trained with us. We have schools in China, Vietnam, Russia and Uzbekistan, plus contacts with various other institutions around the world. For more information on employment opportunities, click here.


Course Format Fees Course Dates /2015
Full-time (4 weeks) £1100


2 March -    27 March 2015 

30 March -   24 April 2015 

27 April -   22 May 2015

26 May -    20 June 2015*

(*Tuesday Start, Saturday Finish)

29 June -      24 July 2015

27 July -       21 August 2015

24 August -    18 September 2015

28 September - 23 October 2015

26 October _     20 November 2015

23 November -  18 December 2015




Part-time (12 weeks) £1150

28 April - 16 July 2015

8 September - 26 November 2015


Blended CELTA

Please note it is necessary to be able to attend teaching practice here in London during the course.This course is not the same as an online course.


Course Format Fees Course Dates 2015
Blended (13 weeks) £1,200.00


02September - 27 November 2015



 * Tuesday start, Saturday finish
** Good Friday Finish

Entry Requirements

  • University degree or qualification permitting entry to Higher Education (e.g. A Levels, International Baccalauréat)
  • A good standard of written and spoken English which enable the candidate to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels (CPE or IELTS 7.0 or equivalent for non-native speakers)
  • Demonstration of the potential to develop the necessary skills to become an effective teacher and to complete successfully the written assignments and the assessment of practice teaching
  • Age 18+ at the start of the course
  • No previous teaching experience is required
  • Due to the demanding, intensive nature of the course, applicants should be in general good health


Funding for Recent Graduates

The British Council run a programme called the English Teaching Graduate Scheme (ETGS). This scheme provides graduates from the last three years the opportunity to develop a career in English teaching through subsidising successful applicants to study an intensive or part time Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELTA course at a UK training centre which will give them the necessary basic qualifications to go abroad and work as an English teacher. The British Council will offer a training grant of 50% (tuition only) to successful candidates studying a CELTA or certTESOL course in the UK. We will then invite them to attend a training day which offers guidance on careers in English teaching overseas.


 For further information, please visit the website:



Application Procedure

Please click on Enrol to apply for your course. We will then invite you for an interview.

Entry to the Language Link CELTA course is not automatic or guaranteed. Applicants will be accepted onto the course only upon successful completion of a Language Aptitude Test and a Screening Interview.

The Language Aptitude Test is designed to assess an applicant's ability to analyse and research systems and functions of written and spoken English. One or more written exercises assess an applicant's awareness of teaching and learning issues.

The Screening Interview (approximately 20 minutes) will further assess a candidate's overall suitability for the CELTA course. In certain circumstances this may be carried out by telephone. The cost of the call is normally the responsibility of the applicant.

1. Fill out the On-line Application Form

2. We will then contact you to invite you for a Screening Interview with our Course Director (a telephone interview may be possible if you live at some distance from London)

3. The Language Aptitude Test has to be completed before the Interview (we will email the Language Aptitude Test to applicants who are unable to attend the interview in person)

Blended CELTA

Study formats

Full time (face-to-face)

Part time (face-to-face)

Blended (face-to-face teaching practice + online coursework)

The Blended CELTA is a 13 week course blending the flexibility of online study with the face-to-face interaction of real classroom experience. You will meet and get to know your tutors and other trainees on Wednesday evening of the first week. Thereafter coursework is delivered through an interactive e-environment involving online tasks, forums and discussions. The assessed teaching practice will take place at our west London school every Wednesday evening throughout the course and additionally on Monday evenings in the second half of the course.

You will therefore be required to attend the school at these times throughout the course

You will need a standard computer with broadband internet connection and a headset with integrated microphone.

For all course formats additional study and lesson planning will be required at home

Contact Us & Location

From the 2nd March 2015 all CELTA administration and interviews for both full time and part time course courses  will take place at 181 Earls Court Road  London SW5 9RB

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part-time course Location and English School

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London  WC1H 9AD
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